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Chalkboard Labels

I tend to find unique, creative products, when I currently have no need for them. However, if the price is right, I end up snagging it anyway. During a weekend trip to World Market, I came across a 6 PK of Chalkboard Labels for $3.99, which includes a single piece of chalk. Talk about your cheap DIY projects!!! These labels can be applied to any surface that is smooth, regardless of it being curved. And the possibilities are endless! These chalkboard labels can be used for cubbies, shelves, books, cabinets, lids, dinnerware, etc. Hosting a dinner party? Stick these labels on glasses or mugs for each of your guests. Maybe you craft your own beer, or collect wine? These labels are the perfect, home decor accessory to help dress up any product, and make it uniquely yours. Click on any of the photos for a direct link to purchase online!!!

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