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DIY Bath Shelf

During a previous blog post, I refinished an end table, which involved the removal of its drop-leaves. Instead of re-attaching them, I chose to set them aside for another project. For those that have limited shelf/storage space in their bathrooms, this DIY project may be of interest to you. Plus, it's simple, cost efficient, and time-friendly. Although I prefer showers over baths, I came up with a solution that provides additional, temporary storage for the bath enthusiast, while salvaging furniture pieces you may have lying around the house. However, if you cannot salvage any furniture pieces, measure the width of your tub, and have your local hardware store cut off the desired measurements from their selection of wood in stock.

I introduce to you, the Removable Bath Shelf. For this piece, I selected the following colors by Martha Stewart Crafts, which you can purchase online, or at Michael's in store: 1 8 oz. "Beetle Black" = $10.99 1 8 oz. "Pear" = $10.99 This particular paint does not require sanding or priming. To get this particular look, simply apply a first coat of Beetle Black to the entire shelf, and let dry. Then, apply a coat of Pear. Once both layers of paint have dried, sand all surfaces and edges to reveal the layers beneath, giving the shelf a rustic look. Then, simply place the shelf over the edges of your bath tub, and you're finished. I chose the following items to accessorize my bath shelf: a bottle of wine & glass (recommended), a journal (since I like to sketch; plus, this shelf can serve as a desk), some candles, potpourri, and a small towel. However, feel free to customize your shelf with any items that compliment your bath.

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