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DIY Chalk Placemats

Tired of not finding the right placemat for your dining table, due to its color or knit pattern? Or, maybe you're looking for a placemat that's neutral for any season. Either way, I have the perfect DIY solution for you, and it costs less than $20.

Chalk Placemats are the best solution for any dining occasion because you can choose the color that blends perfectly with your table and decor; and it's customizable for each guest in attendance. Simply find any set of durable placemats that have a 3/16"-1/4" minimum thickness. The material can be wood, plastic, or cork (as long as it has a smooth finish on top). And don't worry if the placemats come with a printed design. You'll be painting over it anyway. For this project, I found a set of 4 placemats at Tuesday Morning for $10. However, feel free to browse Home Goods or World Market if you're looking for a certain shape, size, or quality. If you have chalk paint on hand, take advantage and use it for this project. Since I had Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in the closet, I decided to apply it. You can find this particular color at Michael's, or online. One 8oz. bottle of "Sailor Blue" retails for $10.99. Simply apply two thin coats of paint to each placemat. Allow proper time for drying in between coats. Once dry, customize it with any phrase or guest's name. And since the chalk is erasable, the possibilities are endless. Just be sure to choose a color you love.

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