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DIY Chalk Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Whether it's a meal with friends, or a romantic dinner for two, show your friends or loved ones how much you care by creating a night-in. And guess what? They'll never know how quick, simple, and affordable it is to create a sophisticated tablescape with a budget of $20. To pull this off, you'll need to save your wine bottles from the previous weeks, because these will serve as the primary centerpiece for your table. You will also need the following items from your local hardware store in order to transform the look of your wine bottles. For this project, I went to Lowe's.

(1) Valspar 12oz. Premium Primer (Spray Paint) = $3.98 (1) Valspar 12oz. Chalkboard Paint (Spray Paint) = $5.98 In a well-ventilated space, follow the instructions, according to each can. You will need to prime three wine bottles first, and let dry, before applying the chalkboard paint. Once the chalkboard paint has set, customize them with any special message that relates to the occasion. To compliment the wine bottles, I went to the Dollar Tree, where I found the following items to help unify this this tablescape: (2) 4 oz. Packages of Apple Cinnamon Potpourri = $2 (2) Candle Holders = $2 (1) Set of 2 red candles = $2 For a total of: $15.96 ​

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