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DIY Gift Boxes

I'm guilty of two things: collecting the tin boxes that Fossil Wallets come in; and never having the appropriate gift box/wrapping paper when it comes to birthdays or holidays. Instead of running to the store to purchase last-minute wrapping paper, which would be the easy way out, I chose to add a personal touch with my gift giving.

Since I keep several Fossil Tins on hand, I chose to use them for decorative gift boxes. They're the perfect size and shape for jewelry or small knick-knacks. However, feel free to use any other metal tin or box that handle the application of paint.

Then, simply paint the box's exterior with any color paint of your liking. I chose Martha Stewart Chalk Paint, but don't limit yourself on the paint selection. Use whatever you have on hand to save money. Once the paint has dried, simply add tissue paper, or some type of stuffing material, then the gift itself, and close the lid. Top it off with some rustic, ribbon. ​Your Gift Box is now complete!

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