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DIY Mason Spice Jars

First and foremost, I have an obsession for Mason Jars. I have at least one in each room of my house, because they serve multiple functions: Storing, Drinking, Mixing, Displaying, etc. When it comes to my selection of spices, I buy multiple brands of varying sizes. Since I display the spices on the counter, they lack uniformity in appearance. During my weekend trip to World Market, I came across a selection of Large Mason Jars for $2.49, and Small Mason Jars for 99 cents each. The small jars came with a removable, punctured, plastic insert, so obviously, this was the solution for my chaotic, spice decorum. And, they're miniature mason jars!!! Even better. The only thing left to find were labels.

In the gift wrapping section of World Market, I found my answer: a 20 PK of Scallop Tags for $2.99 and Flax Cord for $4.99. The tags would be used for the individual labels, and the Flax Cord would be used for a rustic, decorative bow on the large mason jars. The assembling process was very simple. After I poured the spices in the designated jars and sealed them, I cut enough Flax Cord to make a bow for the Large Mason Jars. Then, I cut off the tied-knots of the Scallop Tag string, and tied it around the lids of each Small Mason Jar. For the Large Mason Jar, I tied the Scallop Tag around the decorative bow, instead.

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