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DIY Solo Cup Centerpiece

You'd be surprised what ordinary household items can be transformed into a rustic centerpiece for your next social gathering. For me, I had leftover paint (from a previous project) and 10 solo cups that were sitting in the pantry for months. I was determined to convert these cups into something other than drinking. For this centerpiece, I selected the following items: -1 8 oz. Martha Stewart "Charcoal" paint = $10.99

-1 Pkg of 30 Count Solo Cups = $4.37

-1 Pkg of Black Cherry Tea Candles = $1 To get this particular look, simply apply a first coat of charcoal paint to each cup, and let dry. Then, apply a second coat of paint. Once both layers have dried, turn the cups upside down, and line them next to one another. Then, place a tea-light candle on top of each cup. Sprinkle potpourri for an additional touch, and your Solo Cup centerpiece is complete.

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