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DIY Tea-Light Candle Centerpiece

Want to impress your loved one for Valentine's Day?

Create a candle-lit tablescape for two, with this quick, simple, and affordable centerpiece. For your base, find a metal tray (or one that can withstand high heat), and line it with tea light candles. Be sure to remove the candles from their individual metal casement, before placing them on the tray. Once the candles are lined next to one another, light them, and let the wax melt. As the wax melts, the tea candles will form into a single, large candle display. Since the wax is very thin (compared to a normal candle), blow out the flames once the candles have combined. For an added touch, surround the tray with red potpourri. Then, light it again when you're ready to impress your loved one with a dinner for two.

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