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Elegant Country Dining

Would you believe I decorated my dining room table with items found from Michael's? The store I once visited for arts & crafts supplies is now my go-to place for affordable, rustic home decor. With a budget of $100, I decided to use my existing dinnerware & silverware to save money. I typically use white dinnerware because you can mix and match it with any type of centerpiece or color palette. Since my farm table seats 6, my goal was to find an object that would serve as the centerpiece for the table. When it comes to centerpieces, I have a slight obsession with lanterns. Keep in mind the proportions of your table, when selecting your lantern. In addition, find a lantern that will match your dinnerware. During my search, I came across some accessories that complimented the lantern I selected, and the stain of my table. These accessories include a vintage, printed linen, which I used as a runner for the table;

mini birdcages, which served as secondary centerpieces to the lantern; and floral, metal containers that I used to hold bottles of wine. To decorate the lantern, I wrapped a piece of rope around the base, and placed two mini white candles inside it; and then placed sea rocks around the candles for an added, rustic touch. To decorate the runner, I sprinkled wine corks, which I already had on hand. Vintage Antique Lantern = $19.99 Mini Birdcage (2) = $6.99/Each Glass Sea White Rocks = $2.99 Mini White Candles (2) = $1.99/Each Printed Linen = $14.99 Rope = $5.49 Ashland Floral Container = $10.99 Ashland Floral Container = $12.99 For a total of: $85.40 + tax

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