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Mason Jar Candle Holders

If you've read my blogs, you know that I'm a collector of Mason Jars. During a weekend trip to Michael's, I came across a set of these tinted jars that were converted into tea candle holders. Since I keep a stash of tea candles on hand, I knew I could find a purpose for these jars. And what better way, than for entertaining! For the most obvious use, hang these jars anywhere you can drill a screw into, whether it's to a post, tree, railing, siding; or, just any place that would benefit with natural, candlelight. However, I like to find multiple uses for a single product. And when it comes to entertaining, I like to decorate my farm table for each, said event. Having said that, I found some additional accessories to help compliment a simple, rustic dining experience; and with a budget of $75, they all came from Michael's. A simple & affordable way to transform your table is to decorate the wine bottles you already have on hand. Simply take some thin rope, tie a knot at the bottom of the bottle, and wrap the rope upward. Then, just overlap the top of the rope to secure in place. And voila, a rustic, yet functional centerpiece. To add additional, rustic lighting, take some floral tin containers, fill them with rocks and a candle, and place them in the middle of two place settings for instant, mood lighting. And if you keep a stash of wine corks, pour them into a vase or bottle; or better yet, the net-wrapped Glass bottle I found at Michael's. Mason Jar Candle Holders (3) = $4.99/Each Mini White Candles (2) = $1.99/Each Small White Rocks (2) = $2.99/Each Floral Tin Container = $12.99 Floral Tin Container = $10.99

Wrapped Glass Bottle = $8.99 Natural Rope = $5.49

For a total of: $63.39 + tax

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