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Mason Jar Candles

Looking for a candle that has some character, beyond just the scent? All you need are three items that can be found at Michael's, or any discount store: a mason jar, a bag of sand, and a small scented candle. If your budget is limited, feel free to use any sauce jar (once it's been washed). For this particular project, I used the following items:

- (9) Mason Jars = $1/Each

- (1) Ashland Decor Scents 9pc Candles = $6.99

- (3) Ashland Decorative Sand = $2.99/Each

Simply fill 1/3 of each jar with sand. Then. insert a single candle into each jar. And you're done! Not only is this project quick and easy; it's also affordable. However, don't feel obligated to make all 9 candles, if you're limited on space.

You can never have too many candles, no matter the occasion or the space. Based on this methodology, I came up with a few ideas to decorate any table or shelf, using the same candle(s).

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