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Rustic Flower Tray Centerpiece

Does your farm table need a splash of color? Or, are you looking for that rustic centerpiece that will compliment any wedding or social gathering? Then you've come to the right place. Create this rustic centerpiece in minutes! You only need 4 items to create this masterpiece; all of which can be found at your local Michael's crafts store:

- Boho Round Tray - $14.99

- (3) bags of Ashland Sand - $2.99/Each

- (6) Red Tea-Light Candles

- (1) Small Light-Blue Candle

- a Bouquet of Flowers that will compliment your special occasion.

Start by filling the entire tray with the bags of sand. Shake the tray gently to even the top surface. Then, insert the small, blue candle into the center of the tray. Surround the candle with the red tea-light candles. This candle arrangement will give the appearance of a flower. Lastly, cut the flower heads from the stems and line them around the edges of the tray.

Your rustic, floral centerpiece is now complete!

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