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The Dollar Tree $20 Challenge

A friend of mine challenged me to decorate a Table for 6, using items found at Dollar Tree, and spending no more than $20 (which included tax). This meant I could only purchase about 18 items. However, I was allowed to use my own dinnerware & silverware. Challenge Accepted!

When you have a small budget, the objective is to find items that can serve more than one purpose. Therefore, I focused on the centerpiece first; then, utilized any excess items for additional decor pieces.

The Centerpiece:

I came across this 8"x12" plastic tray, and filled its base with 2 packages of cream-colored sand. Then, you will need 2 Bouquets of Dahlias to line the long edges of the tray. Before lining the flowers, please remove the heads from the stems. You will not need the stems for this centerpiece. In addition, set aside 2 Dahlias for a separate decor piece, which I will cover momentarily. Once the Dahlias have been lined, place 2 vanilla candles in the center of the tray. Dollar Tree sells a package of 4 vanilla candles. Use 2 candles for this centerpiece, and save the other 2 for a separate decor piece, which I will cover shortly. Once the candles have been placed, fill in the remaining areas of exposed sand with Hyacinth/Jacinthes. You will need 2 Bouquets: One for this centerpiece; and another for a separate decor piece. Like you did with the Dahlias, remove the Hyacinths from the stems. You will not need the stems. Your centerpiece is now complete.

The Flower Star:

Next, you will create 2 "Flower Stars," which will be placed on either side of the centerpiece. For each Flower Star, you will need to purchase a single package of light-blue napkins. Using 4 napkins per star, fold each napkin into a triangle. Then, stack each of the 4 triangular napkins on top of one another, forming the star. Top it off with one of the Dahlias you set aside from the centerpiece. Your Flower Star is now complete. It should resemble the following image.

The Candle Holders:

Next, you will use 2 glass, candle holders, which will serve as your final decor pieces. These will be placed adjacent to the Flower Star. To make this decor piece, fill the bottom of each candle holder with a small amount of sand (from the centerpiece). Then place the remaining 2 candles (set aside from the centerpiece) into each candle holder. Place the candle holders on the table, and surround them with the Hyacinth petals. The end result will look something like the cover photo of this post.

The Place Setting:

For each place setting, I used white plates that I had on hand. Then, I placed a single napkin on each plate, and rotated it to form a diamond. I topped each napkin with silverware that I had on hand. Next, I came across glass milk bottles, which I thought would be perfect for your guests' beverage. It's a vintage, fun piece that's functional, yet serves as part of the table decor. Before the beverage is poured, and the dinner is served, roll a single napkin, and tie it with brown Jute Cord. Place each rolled napkin into the milk bottles. Your guests will remove the napkins prior to filling their bottles with their beverage. It should look something like the following image:

Your rustic tablescape is now complete! And you managed to spend less than $20 using items found at Dollar Tree!

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