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Milk Bottle Centerpieces

Inspired by the Dollar Tree $20 Challenge I posted about a few days ago, I wanted to create another use for the milk bottles. Instead of using them for beverages, why not display them as centerpieces? Using the leftover flowers from the challenge, I equally divided the Hyacinth/Jacinthes into each milk bottle. Then, filled the bottles with water (all the way to the top) Finally, I topped each milk bottle with a floating candle. However, the rim of the bottle is wide enough to hold the candle without the need for it to float. And the best part: all these items can be purchased from your local Dollar Tree, which saves you money! You only need 2 bouquets of the Hyacinth/Jacinthes to fill 3 milk bottles.

Although the submerged flowers are nice. Why stop there? During a trip to Tuesday Morning, I came across a package of 50 purple, bottle caps for $1.99. I couldn't say no, so I purchased 3 packs. Each pack can fill one milk bottle. Following the same steps, pour the bottle caps into each milk bottle. Then, fill each bottle with water (all the way to the top). Finally, top each milk bottle with a floating candle. Your centerpiece is now complete!

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