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Wine Glass Centerpiece

It pays to re-use items from my other blog posts. This particular centerpiece takes advantage of the wine glasses you already have on hand. Just add 3 more items, and you're done! Each wine glass will require a package of Ashland Gems ($2.99), a single Ashland submersible light (package of 4 is $7.49), and a single floating candle ($3.99/package); all of which can be found at Michael's.

Start by placing a submersible light at the bottom of each wine glass. Then, surround the light with a package of Ashland Gems. Finish the centerpiece by filling each glass with water, leaving about a half-inch clear from the top of the glass. Place a floating candle on the water's surface, and you're done! Sprinkle some flower petals around the base of each glass for an added effect.

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