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Mini-Muffin Pan Centerpiece

If you love mini muffins, then you'll enjoy this next DIY centerpiece. So, take out your mini-muffin pan, because I'm going to show you how to use both sides of it for an indoor/outdoor centerpiece. All you need are some flowers and candles; and you're all set. When I saw this blue muffin plan, which can be purchased at Michael's, I just had to have it for two reasons: it was on sale for 40% off; and it's blue. I love anything that's blue.

You have two options for this centerpiece: Keeping the pan face-up, or turning it upside down:

Keeping the Muffin Pan Face-Up:

With the pan face-up, you have 24 slots to fill. And the choice is up to you as to how you fill them. For an added touch, I found 4 mini glass candle-holders at Michaels, which I chose to turn upside down and place in the 4, central slots of the pan. Then, I selected 4 medium-sized candles to place on the botton side of these candle-holders. It fit perfectly! Then, I placed floating candles in the slots that surrounded the candle-holders. However, feel free to use tea-light candles for convenience. For the outer slots, place a single flower head in each one. And you're done!

Turn the Muffin Pan Upside Down:

When you turn the pan upside down, you're limited in the amount of space you can use, Since you can't place the flowers or candles in the slots themselves, you'll be placing them in the voids between each slot. Similar to the first version, I placed 3 candle-holders upside down in the central voids of the pan. Then, placed a a medium-sized candle on the bottom of each candle-holder. Then, i filled the surrounding voids with the candles and flowers in the following pattern: candle, flower, candle, flower, etc.

No matter which side of the pan you use, you'll have an amazing centerpiece that takes seconds to make, and uses items that can be found in your pantry. Enjoy!

(above): the mini-muffin pan face-up.

(above): the mini-muffin pan face-up.

(above): the mini-muffin pan upside down:

(above): the mini-muffin pan upside down:

(above): the mini-muffin pan upside down:​

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