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Spring Lantern Collection @ Michael's

This weekend, Michael's had a 50% off sale of their spring, candle collection, which included practically everything related to Spring. Since I have a slight obsession for lanterns, I decided to check out their collection. If you're looking for a Spring centerpiece to freshen up your dining table, I'd recommend their vintage, green lanterns. They have two sizes: large & small. My design philosophy is to design everything in 3's. So, for your centerpiece, choose either 3 small lanterns, or one large lantern, with two small lanterns on both sides. The choice is up to you.

To compliment the larger lantern, I purchased a single bouquet of yellow hydrangeas; and picked off the flower petals from the stem. With flower petals, I prefer to place a majority of them within a central element (which in this case would be the large lantern); and then sprinkle the remaining petals across the table for an added effect. Sprinkling flower petals across the table can make up for not having a runner. Before sprinkling the flower petals, place a cream-colored candle inside first the large lantern first. Then, surround the candle with the flower petals. The small lanterns only have enough room for a designated candle. For this display, make sure all candles match in color. For the candles, I'd recommend a cream color for both size lanterns.

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