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LED String Light Mason Jars

Spring is upon us! Freshen up your home decor with this simple display that takes minutes to make. The focal point of this display are the LED string lights, which are readily available at any crafts or home decor store, due to their popularity. You can easily find a single package for under $10. I found these LED lights at Tuesday Morning. Since these string lights come with battery packs, the key is finding a unique way to disguise them. For this display, you have two options

Option A:

This step is required for both options. You will need 1 Large Mason Jar & 1 Small Mason Jar. Start by placing the battery pack in the bottom of the Large Mason Jar. Then place the string lights in the Small Mason Jar, as seen in the photo. Please note: there will be a couple of lights hanging in the Large Mason Jar. But no worries: The next (and final) step involes placing flower petals (of your choice) in the Large Mason Jar to hide the wiring and battery pack.

But let's take this display to a whole new level, shall we?

Option B:

Once you've completed the steps for Option A, simply turn the Small Mason Jar upside down, and place its lid inside the lid of the Large Mason Jar. IT'S KEY THE SMALL MASON JAR FITS WITHIN THE LARGE MASON JAR. And don't worry about the LED string lights. Due to its wiring, the lights will remain in place even when you turn the Small Mason Jar upside down.

How simple & easy is that?

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