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DIY Stained Milk Bottle Vases

I'm the type of person that values a great, re-use project. That said, you may recognize these milk bottles from my Dollar Tree $20 Challenge post. I was thrilled that I could find something as simple as a milk bottle for just $1. You really should check out your local dollar store. You'd be surprised what they have in stock! Since I also had leftover "Gallery Glass" paint, which can be purchased at Michael's, I thought to myself: why not combine the milk bottles & paint for my next DIY project? And so, I give you, Stained Milk Bottle Vases!

"Gallery Glass: Window Color" comes in several colors. I went with the following colors: Aqua (17049), Amber (16020), and Emerald Green (16009).

Using wax paper for your work surface, apply the paint to each bottle by "dabbing" it with a "Mod Podge Spouncer," which is also available at Michael's. The spouncer needs very little paint, when applying to the bottle's surface. And REMEMBER, you do not need to apply any water before coating the spouncer with paint. Simply coat the bottom of the spouncer with a small amount of paint, and dab it, repeatedly to the surface of the wine bottle. Please use the photos for reference. I recommend letting the paint dry overnight, but if you're in a rush, let it sit for a couple of hours, and you should be good to go.

For this display:

You will need the following items:

-The Stained Milk Bottles

-Flowers of your choosing

-A wooden Tray from your existing decor (Or Purchased at Michael's)

-Recycled Wine Corks (Or Purchased at Michael's)

-(2) Wooden Pedestals (of varying heights, also available at Michael's)

Simply use the wooden tray for your base. Apply two wooden, pedestals towards the rear of the tray. Place each milk bottle on the pedestal, and a third on the tray itself. Finish off the display by filling the rest of the tray with wine corks. And finally, fill the milk bottles with your choice of flowers! It's that easy! This display is perfect for any side table, end table, dining table... really, any table. And fill free to display these vases outside! The stained colors truly shine when exposed to sunlight!

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