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DIY Wooden Crate End Table

Wood Crates are the most sought-after building material for tables & shelves. Its rustic flare is perfect for that vintage, chic enthusiast. And with its availability & adaptability, you can convert these crates into almost any type of furniture desired. However, rustic decor can be quite expensive. A simple, pallet end-table can cost you $150 minimum. For this project, I constructed a pallet end-table for under $70, using items found at Michael's.

Start with the basics:

Crates come in all shapes & sizes. So, find the perfect one that will work with the space you have. I chose the following crates from Michael's:

(2) Artminds Wood Vegetable Crates: $12.99/each

(1) Artminds Half-Crate: $6.99

(1) Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue: $3.49

Start by turning the (2) vegetable crates on their sides and gluing them together. The glued intersection will be a shelf, so place some heavy books on top of the glued surface, and let dry. Once dry, you can begin painting.

Painting the shelves (vegetable crates):

You will need the following colors:

(1) Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Paint (Sailor Blue)

(1) Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Paint (Antique Sky)

Do not mix the paint, prior to application. Simply, apply the Sailor Blue as the base coat, and add Antique Sky for highlights, revealing portions of the Sailor Blue beneath. Let dry.

Painting the Base (Half-Crate):

You will need the following colors:

(1) Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Paint (Black)

Simply, apply the black as the base coat, and add an additional coat if need be. Let dry.

Once all crates have dried:

Glue the vegetable crates on top of the half-crate. And let dry.

As an additional option for the shelves:

Fill your shelves with decorative baskets. You will need the following:

(2) Artminds Small Wood Crates: $7.99/each.

(1) Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Paint (Wagon Rouge)

(1) Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Paint (Charcoal)

Do not mix these paints, prior to painting. Start by painting the baskets with the Charcoal Paint. Then, before it dries, apply the Wagon Rouge. The Charcoal will help dull the brightness of the Wagon Rouge. Then, let dry.

Once the baskets are dry, place them inside the shelves of your new Wooden Crate End Table!

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