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Kitchen A La Carte

During a weekend trip to World Market, I came across a section in their kitchen department dedicated to the use & function of Mason Jars. This inspired me to create an "A La Carte" of kitchen essentials. First & foremost, if your kitchen has a blank wall, or open space, then fill that void with an operable, vintage cart. Let this cart display your favorite must-have items, or better yet, serve as additional workspace. For me, I'm proud to showcase the following items :

(1) Keurig Coffee Maker: This brand offers a variety of sizes, depending on your budget. And if you're like me, making coffee can be pretty complicated. Simply selecting a flavored pod & pressing brew first thing in the morning is a life saver. And for me, a kitchen essential.

(2) Mason Jar Measuring Cups & Utensil Holder: I do a lot of cooking. Enough said. Storing your utensils & measuring cups can be a pain, when it comes to finding the specific one. Therefore, having measuring cups that stack to form into a Mason Jar is both clever and stylish. Instead of throwing them into a drawer, I now display them on my cart for easy use.

(3) Dinnerware & Glassware: Any chance you find dinnerware that matches the color palette of your kitchen, grab it. These dinner & salad plates fit perfectly with the color scheme of my cart & kitchen accessories. And, they're always essential for any meal. Plus, when you don't want friends or family near the kitchen, just wheel the cart to your dining room for easy access.

(4) Fruit Baskets: Take a few moments to find a set of wooden baskets, or better yet, paint any existing baskets you may have on hand. I found these baskets at Michael's, and painted them with Martha Stewart Crafts Paint (See the previous post). Since I always have an abundance of fruit on hand, it's nice to have them readily available for snacking.

To purchase the Mason Jar Measuring Cups, click on the image above.

To purchase the Mason Jar Utensil Holder, click on the image above.

To purchase the Mason Jar Measuring Spoons, click on the image above.

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