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Coconut Twig Placemats & More

A few months ago, I discovered twig placemats at Scott's Antique Market. I was looking to refresh the decor of my farm table, but they were $11/each. Since mt table seats 6, I couldn't justify spending $66 just for placemats. However, I did not give up. Deep down, I knew I wanted them, but was determined to find a better deal.

This weekend, I found my answer. World Market sells them individually and as sets. A set of 4 costs only $15.96! And if you're like me, you always check the World Market app on your smart phone to see if they're any additional promotions. Fortunately, I was in luck, and scored an additional 20% off my purchase. Cha-Ching!

And to make it even easier for you, simply click on any of the photos for a direct link to purchase these awesome placemats, or accessories you see below.

World Market also sells rustic, wooden silverware. The PERFECT accessory for your new, twig placemats! Simply, click on the image above for a direct link to purchase their silverware.

In addition, they also sell wood, bark coasters. However, the coaster in this picture came from Michael's. No matter where you find them, these coasters are amazing! Well worth the splurge! Click on the image above for a direct link to purchase these wood, bark coasters.

Click on the picture above to purchase these Coconut Twig Placemats!

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