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Mason Jar Lamp Kit

Looking for an easy, DIY project that takes only minutes? Then, check out this Mason Jar Lamp Kit, which is available at World Market. And the best part? It's already wired for you! However, you need to act now because it's a CLEARANCE item. Originally listed for $24.99; it's now available for $11.23!!! Simply click on any of the images to purchase online.

For this project, you only need the following items to complete this lamp:

(1) Mason Jar Lamp Kit

(1) Type C 7W Lightbulb

(1) Mason Jar

(1) bag of white rocks (which I found at Michael's)

Step 1: Fill the Mason Jar with the white rocks. Or, any colored rocks of your choosing. Make sure to leave enough room for the light bulb.

Step 2: Insert the light bulb into the pre-wired Mason Jar Socket Lid. Then, screw the lid onto the Mason Jar. Then, you're ready to plug it in!

Please note: The kit also comes with adapter pieces for suspending the lamp if you choose to do so. Follow the guided instructions provided in your Mason Jar Lamp Kit to do so.

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