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Basket of Lights

This centerpiece is perfect for any low-light entertainment, whether inside or out.

And its assembly couldn't be easier.

In fact, your current decor may feature some of the necessary items for this display.

You simply need the following: a basket, set of string lights, and any type of floral arrangement. For this display, I found all 3 items at my local Michael's crafts store. When selecting your string lights, try to match the coloring of the wire with the basket. That way, the wire will be less visible, and your guests can focus on the warm glow of the lights.

Most string lights come with a battery pack. Start by placing the battery pack at the bottom of the basket. Don't worry about its presence because the floral arrangement will cover it. Once the battery pack has been placed, weave the string lights through the gridded row of the basket, in a horizontal motion. Once you've finished weaving the string lights, you can finish the centerpiece by placing any type of floral arrangement inside the basket.

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