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Plaid Pumpkins & Autumn Jars

Fall is here, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Since you might be overwhelmed with cooking for your family and friends, let's make your holiday decor as quick, simple, and affordable as possible.

Whether you need a centerpiece for your dining room table, or some holiday accents for around the house, your one-stop shop is Target.

First, and foremost, when you shop at Target. ALWAYS check out their $1 section, which is located at the front entrance of the store. For a few dollars, I found fall-colored jars, and wood adhesive leaves. When combined, they're a perfect match for any fall centerpiece.

Simply, peel off the wood-adhesive stickers, and apply them to the jars.

Then, place a LED candle (also found at Target) inside each jar.

Target also carries Plaid Pumpkins of varying sizes. These pumpkins are the latest trend for their rustic look and re-use. I purchased one large pumpkin ($6), and a pack of small pumpkins (also $6).

Since my table seats 6, I chose to place the large pumpkin at the center of the table. Then, I placed the smaller pumpkins on both sides of the large pumpkin.

Next, I paired each color jar, and placed them on either end of the table to create a balance for the table.

Your table should look something like this.

For a finishing touch, I placed wood leaf accents in between the jars and pumpkins, which can also be found at the $1 section of Target.

The placement of these pumpkins and jars is not limited to your dining room table. Feel free to place them wherever you have an empty shelf, side table, desk, or flat surface.

And don't forget to enjoy your holiday meal!

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