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Mix-n-Match Frames

What I love MOST about Farmhouse Decor is that you can mix-n-match ANYTHING!!!

Take Picture Frames for example: Any exposed color within the frame, is an opportunity.

The Frames in these photos all have an element of Brown, which is the primary color that ties them all together. Don't worry about matching frame sizes. The 4 frames that surround the Letter "R" each hold an 8x10 photo, but vary in frame size.

Don't forget: Photo Arrangement is also important!!!

I try and stick with a theme when compiling my photos or art: For this composition, I selected one of my favorite cities: Charlotte! Ideally, I would've used the Letter "C" for the central element, but since my name begins with "R," I was willing to overlook that factor.

Don't be afraid to experiment with frame styles: The crazier, the better!!!

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