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Decorating a Corner

Decorating a Corner can be tricky. With these simple tips, you can revamp any Corner with ease, and let your Corner speak for itself:


Choose a Theme

Corners are perfect for showcasing your favorite "__________" ....

However, it's up to you ti fill in the blank. Keep it simple. Choose between your favorite: Cities, Landscapes, Restaurants, Vacation Destinations... Or, stick with the classic: Family Portraits. Just remember: This is your home, so highlight something that's significant to you.

For my theme, I chose imagery that reflected my favorite cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, and Macon.


Determine the Focal Point

It's best to choose a piece of furniture, or decorative accessory that has some significant height. For my corner, I chose an End Table that had a Single, Angled Edge. Since the other corners had 90-Degree Angles, I aligned the 90-Degree Edge of the Table with the 90-Degree Corner of the wall. This way, The Angled Edge faces the main gathering space... But, any 90-Degree End Table will work in a corner. Just angle the entire table at 45 degrees, and place against the corner. This works with a bookshelf too.

Since my End Table is small in height, I placed LED Twigs in a Wooden Jar to emphasize the verticality this space needed. Once you've determined the focal point, it's easy to begin accessorizing around it. But Remember: make sure your accessories are proportionate with your focal point.


Angle Your Decor

Remember: This is a Corner. Determine where the main gathering space is in your room, and position the decor at an angle where everyone can see it.


Embellish the Vertical Stagger

It's a common practice to arrange your photography in a symmetrical pattern. This method is perfect for Centering: "Over-The-Bed", "Above-The-Couch" or "Behind-The-Table."However, when it comes to corners, I recommend "S T A G G E R I N G" your imagery in a "V E R T I C A L" pattern. This way, you're covering more wall, and let's face it, most of our walls are white, and could use a little color. Just remember, before you stagger your photography, choose an origin of the wall as your base for placing your first picture, and try to align the last picture with the origin. The Corner is your focal point, and the goal is to frame this corner with beautiful scenery.


Enjoy Your Corner

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