DIY Reclaimed Glass End Table


If you have two Mismatched End Tables, then this post is      F O R     Y O U ! ! !


My previous post showcased how to reclaim an existing wooden end table.




That end table is not part of a matching set; as most are. It's wooden, and rectangular; whereas, the table in this post is square, metal, and has a glass surface...


i.e.     T H E      E X A C T      O P P O S I T E


Fortunately, the Martha Stewart Craft Paint can be applied to multiple types of surfaces, which includes metal and wood. Simply, follow the same steps. While metal doesn't typically require sanding, make sure it's clean before applying the paint. 


B E F O R E 



 Be sure to remove All Glass Surfaces


W H A T      Y O U      W I L L      N E E D



(1) 8 Fl. Oz. Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint - Ivory

(1) 8 Fl. Oz. Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Wax - Clear


A P P L Y      T H E      P R I M E R      &      P A I N T



Apply (1) Coat of Primer (To save money: You can use the paint as the primer)


Once the primer has dried: Apply 2 - 3 Coats of Paint. 


S A N D      T H E       E D G E S 



A P P L Y      T H E      W A X


&      L E T      D R Y











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