DIY Reclaimed Wooden End Table

We all have that one piece of furniture that we can't part with. It either has a sentimental value; or you just can't justify the cost of new furniture.


N O     M A T T E R      the      R E A S O N


I'm a strong believer of reclaiming any piece of furniture, before buying new. That said, I came across an end table that has been my family F O R    Y E A R S ! ! !


O V E R     T I M E 


Couches have been replaced; Lamps have been replaced; Accessories have been replaced... But the table remained I N    P L A C E.


Since my sofa and chair are only a year old, I examined the color palette of its fabric and decorative pillows to determine what the new color should be for my end table... All I knew is that it should be lighter, and timeless. 


And so, with a little help from Martha Stewart Craft Paint, and some new hardware, I was able to transform this piece and give it new life. 


B E F O R E 



W HA T     Y O U     W I L L      N E E D



(1) 8 Fl. Oz. Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paint - Ivory 

(1) 8 Fl. Oz. Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Wax - Clear



(1) Package of Sandpaper (Fine)

(1) Sandpaper Holder (Optional) 


S T R I P      A L L      H A R D W A R E 



Removing Hardware is simple, and only involves a screwdriver.


Once removed: take some time to determine which type of knob should replace the existing. 


S A N D      &      P R I M E





Priming only takes a single coat; and you can either use Primer [or] your actual paint color. 


When applying the paint color of your choice: It will take 2 - 3 coats. 


S A N D      A G A I N     &      W A X


This is important for (2) reasons:


1) It allows you to smooth out any clumps of excess paint

2) It gives you the opportunity to expose any edges for that added, rustic look... 


O N C E      Y O U ' V E      S A N D E D:


Apply the wax. This will help seal the exposed areas of the paint, and protect the wood from any exposure to liquid or moisture.


It usually takes 24 hours to dry. 





A D D     T H E      H A R D W A R E




Y O U ' R E      F I N I S H E D 




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