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DIY Desk Refinishing

I'm the type of person that likes to revitalize furniture, before looking for its replacement. That said, I've had this desk for 15 years, and decided it was time for a change. The goal was to transform this solid oak desk into a vintage, rustic piece. For this project, I chose the Martha Stewart Crafts line, which includes Vintage Decor Chalk Paint. Depending on the type of color palette you're looking for, you should also consider "FolkArt Home Decor Chalk" paint or "Annie Sloan" cha

lk paint. With this piece, I selected the following colors by Martha Stewart Crafts, which you can purchase online, or at Michael's in store:

1 8 oz. "Charcoal" = $10.99 1 8 oz. "River Rock" = $10.99 ​1 8 oz. "Antique Wax" = $10.99 This particular paint does not require sanding or priming. To get this particular look, simply apply a first coat of charcoal to the entire desk, and let dry. Then, apply a coat of River Rock. Once both layers of paint have dried, sand all surfaces and edges to reveal the layers beneath, prior to waxing. This will give your furniture that rustic look. My motto is: you can never sand too much... So, sand off the desired amount of paint, based on your personal preference. Once complete, add a thin layer of Antique Wax. Be sure to have damp cloths handy because this wax is thick. This wax will add a brown look to your piece, so wipe away the desired amount of wax.

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