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Letter Board For $10

Attention Target Shoppers:

I found this Letter Board for LESS than $10, but you should act fast, because this treasure is located in their Clearance Section near the Joanna Gaines' Home Decor Line. This would make a great #gift for that Freshmen Dorm, or any room that could use a little character.

I thought it would make a great addition to my Coffee Bar. And what better theme than to list the "Ways to My Heart..." (As Shown Above).

What's in the Box:

1) This Kit includes 188 Characters (See Above).

2) One Board that measures: 12" x 12" x 1.5"

3) It does not contain any storage device for unused letters. I suggest placing any unused letters in a Ziploc Bag, or some tupperware you no longer use.


Be Creative

Depending on where you place the sign will determine the type of message it should say. Since I'm using this sign for my Coffee Bar, I listed the top drinks that would win my heart. However, you could use an inspirational quote, create a Menu when Entertaining, List Chores (For the Kiddos), etc.


Find Decor that Will Compliment your Sign

1) Select a Theme or message for your sign

2) Choose Decor that reflects it.

I found this Coffee Mug at The Rustic Market, in Acworth, Georgia. Mugs are a fun collectible, and

I found these Coffee Spoons at World Market. Gotta love the puns!

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