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Rustic for the Holidays

Transforming my Rustic Oasis into a Winter Wonderland began with a twist...

A Chrismukkah twist.

My vision from the start was to create a holiday fusion, by incorporating aspects of both Christmas and Hanukkah. What started with wanting to find holiday decorating ideas to share with my followers, turned into an opportunity to embrace the spirit of the holidays a little earlier than usual. It was important for me to find the balance between rustic decor and holiday cheer. It turns out the two are not mutually exclusive. For many, the holiday season proves to be incredibly stressful and having to decorate a home could add another layer to an already anxious time of the year, I think my holiday decorating experience will make your own design experience a little more joyful.


The "Monica Gellar" Tree

Any aficionados of the television series "Friends," can recall an episode of the show when perfectionist, Monica, allows her friends to decorate the Christmas tree however they want. After they have finished adding their hodgepodge of tree decorations, it is revealed that Monica has decorated the other half of the tree with her signature touch, a perfectly themed tree, with every ornament and light strategically placed.

This tree quickly became one of the focal points of my home. I wanted a larger tree to go along with my tall ceilings, but I didn't want a tree so tall that it felt overwhelming when trying to decorate. I decided to order a 7.5 foot tree from, and it has proved to be the perfect size.

This pre-lit tree stands beautifully in my living room and is draped with plaid and burlap ribbons purchased from Target. The ornaments that fill the tree really help make the tree pop. While I appreciate a tree with various ornaments that represent special memories and experiences, I wanted this tree to have a consistent look.

While shopping at Hobby Lobby one weekend in September (yes, I really started holiday shopping in September), I stumbled upon some incredible ornaments before I even purchased my tree. I found the red/black and black/white plaid ornaments that you can see below. These ornaments immediately gave me all of the rustic feels I could hope for in my Chrismukkah tree.

As you will see, this tree and the decorations that fill it, represent my love for rustic decor, but also my love for the holidays and what it represents.

If you wish to purchase this tree, click on the affiliate link below:

When I think rustic, I think plaid... lots and lots of plaid. The pairing of plaid ornaments with the burlap ribbon compliment each other so well.

These decorative presents were purchased from Hobby Lobby. I couldn't decide between the two different styles, so naturally I bought them all. Plus, Hobby Lobby is offering 50% off ALL Christmas Decor... Need I say more??

The wooden houses were purchased from World Market and add a traditional element to my Chrismukkah tree. The houses emphasize my love for Architecture, and its wooden composition reflects my rustic tree. Plus, World Market is offering a 20% off sale on a majority of their Christmas ornaments.

The metal ornaments were another find at Hobby Lobby. The aluminum metal ornament is a style that I frequently saw while shopping for decorations. I chose to purchase multiple packages of these ornaments with a variety of different prints. And if you have kids, you know how important shatter-proof ornaments are...

The natural-toned wood of the house compliments the sandy braided rope of the plaid ornament. What an incredible pair. The black and white plaid ornament came from Hobby Lobby; and the wooden house from World Market.

The white snowflake ornaments come in a Set-of-2 for $3 at Target. Cha-Ching...

The wooden heart ornaments with the detailing on the inside were found at World Market.

And Last, but not least:

I purchased these blue lights from Home Depot, and wrapped them around the core of the tree. Its purpose is to provide a glowing effect, but most importantly, represents the signature blue color of Hanukkah. It took 3 boxes of 100 Mini lights to wrap the 7.5 ft tree.


The "So Tacky, It's Classy" Tree

Spontaneity (n):

A word that might not be commonly associated with holiday decorations...

However, this mini Chrismukkah tree was a surprise purchase that quickly became a cornerstone in my holiday design.

So Tacky, It's Classy:

The Official Theme for this Tree... While browsing around Michael's one Saturday morning, I found myself looking at various food-related ornaments, which included tacos, pizza, french fries, margaritas and popcorn. The idea for a fun, tacky tree was thrilling, but I already had a plan in place for my Chrismukkah tree.

While continuing to shop around, I found a discounted mini tree for $25, and then it hit me.

"Why couldn't I have my traditional tree and a mini tree?"

Without hesitation, I went back to the ornament section and picked up several ornaments that complimented my personality. As you can see, I was able to create a "tacky Chrismukkah tree," while still incorporating a traditional flair.

If you're on a budget, or have a small space, this tree is perfect. Click on the link below for purchasing... And don't forget to check the Michael's app for additional coupons and savings!



Chrismukkah without your favorite food??... I don't think so.

The taco truck ornament was the primary inspiration for the "So Tacky Its Classy" tree. This tree may not take itself seriously, but it proves to be an excellent conversation piece amongst visitors. Move over, Tacky Christmas Sweaters... You've met your match!!

And if you need an alternative solution for your tree topper, I used Wine Tags from my good friends at Carol's Linens from my hometown of Macon, Georgia.

"French fries and ketchup...'nuff said."

When selecting your fun ornaments, my best advice is to make your selection based on inside jokes. There are hundreds of exciting ornaments to choose from, but only one you. So, let this tree reflect on your year.

And yes, there's a hidden meaning behind my fries and ketchup ornaments...


The Stockings

If your house lacks a fireplace mantle, then you're not alone. I'm always up for a challenge, and nothing was going to stop me from prominently displaying these essential decorations. Nothing.

Once I selected the area for the Chrismukkah Tree(s), I knew the stockings had to be within reach. The threshold to our Family Room had enough depth to hang stockings. It actually worked out for the best, because the stockings match perfectly with the Chrismukkah tree decorations. Plaid, Plaid, and more Plaid...

I found leftover Hannukah ribbon, which I typically use for wrapping presents, and created a personal touch to the stocking display. Simply wrap the ribbon around the mounting hoop.


"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Mason Jars"

It's the holidays, which means you will be receiving several Pun-Filled Cards. So, where do you display them? Give these Mason Jar Card Holders a try. These snowy, Christmas Tree Jars come in a Set-of-2 at Target for just $3... And they're mini!!! 'Nuff said.

If you end up with leftover ribbon ornaments, and artificial snow, then why not make Snowy Mason Jars?? Simply, place any leftover snow at the bottom of each jar. Then, place a single ornament inside the jar. And, wrap the opening of the jar with your ribbon. It's so easy, and cost-effective!!!


Christmas + Hanukkah = Chrismukkah

Utilizing as much space as possible was something I made sure to keep in mind while decorating. This corner bookshelf fits perfectly in my great room and provided me with the opportunity to allow my creativity to come into play. I decided I wanted to mix in both Christmas and Hanukkah decorations in this portion of my home. I'm happy with how seamless the decorations, both old and new, fit together!

The tall wooden snowman and Santa Claus were another incredible find at Hobby Lobby (50% Off All Holiday Decor). I immediately was drawn to the distressed, rustic look of these pieces.

The Manger Scene was a passed-down family decoration that fit perfectly on the top of the shelf next to the snowman and Santa Claus.

The "I Love You A Latke," sign came from the dollar section at Target for $3.

If you have any remaining ornaments, fill your bookshelves with them, as shown in the picture above.

The Santa Claus road sign that you see above, was another hand-me-down, family piece. I'm a huge proponent of incorporating new decorations with older decorations. The nostalgia that you feel when looking at these decorations is something that can't be beat!

If you already have a Letter Sign like the one above, Target has a $3 Hanukkah Word Kit. This provides another opportunity to use things that you already have to perfect your home! Remember it is all about the details!


Blue. White. Silver.

If you celebrate Hanukkah, then you know the challenges of finding holiday decor. In most cases, you order online than in store. And let's be honest... Hanukkah decor is usually more expensive than Christmas decor because it's not readily available. I discovered that it's much cheaper to buy Christmas decor (that's already 50% OFF in most stores) with the Hanukkah colors represented... Blue. White. Silver. This way, I can cover more ground with decorations. And let's face it, a majority of Hanukkah decorations are merely table runners, covers, candles, and wrapping paper... So, welcome to my Hanukkah-inspired Living Room using a majority of Christmas decorations.

Incorporating the old with the new was another inspiring element for my living room space. This festive snowman isn't new, but fits in seamlessly with the silver and blue ornaments that adorn my coffee table.

Take advantage of your storage options (crates, vases, jars, etc.), and fill them with blue and silver ornaments.

Work with what you already have!

I filled these candle holders with blue, white and silver beads and ornaments. Then, I topped the jars with artificial, white flowers, and wrapped them with a Hanukkah-themed ribbon. All items can be found at your local Michael's.

My Secret: I already owned these items from previous projects. Talk about savings.

Whenever I visit Target, I immediately check out their dollar section at the front of the store. This is where I found these Hanukkah-themed pillows. And each pillow is $3!!

These blue and silver ornaments blended well with the holiday ornaments and sits next to my "So Tacky, Its Classy" mini tree.


Eight Nights, Eight Lights

Throughout my home, I created multiple versions of the traditional menorah. However, the example above came from Target, and is $15. Each candle holder is independent, and can be configured in any configuration imaginable. Plus, how can you say no to a rustic menorah?

The purple candles add a level of uniqueness to counter the traditional blue color of Hanukkah. Target has a great selection of decorative candles, specifically designed for Hanukkah!

The large wooden dreidel stands out beautifully in front of the menorah, and is available at Target for $3... Say, what?? But you must act fast, as they are difficult to find!

I spent a lot of time envisioning this menorah that stands on my bookshelf. I paired my love for mason jars with my love for holiday decor. The mason jars are filled with blue, white and silver ornaments. Then, I placed LED candles on top of the mason jars and rested them on alternating blue and silver snowflakes ornaments. All items can be found at your local Michael's.


Got Candle Holders??

This wooden candle holder is another example of using what you have to create your winter wonderland. The candle holder above is the ultimate blending of the two holidays. I filled this candle holder with Tea Dreidel candles, and Bottle Christmas trees. The bottled trees came from World Market.


It's Not a Party Without Paper Lanterns

Amazon sells Hanukkah Lanterns (A Set of 6) for $13.99. #FunFinds

If you wish to purchase these amazing lanterns, click on the affiliate link below:

As I mentioned, The Target Dollar Section is worth a browse. I found this "Eight Nights 8 Lights" sign for $3!! Instant Victory!... But I should warn you. I tend to visit multiple Target locations in my area, and each store had a variation in their holiday selection.


The Heart of the Home

Everyone's holiday budget is different, and if you can't spend much on your holiday decorations this year, that's ok!! The decorations are just a small part to what truly matters this holiday season: And that's family! If you're limited by space or budget, simply choose an area of your home you gather around the most, and embellish it with family memories.

In my home, there is a large threshold that separates the Kitchen from the Great Room. I knew this space was the heart of the home. Since my house is a single-story with no fireplace, I decided to wrap this threshold with LED Garland. Since garland can be expensive, I went from store to store, until I found the best length for the best price. This 25ft of LED garland came from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and after applying my $10 coupon, I spent a little over $20.

Your Home is Your Signature...

The holidays is a time for family, friends, good food and lots of laughs. When you welcome the people you love into your home, not only do you want them to feel welcome, but you want them to get a sense of YOU throughout your home. Your home is your signature, and this holiday season, make your signature cozy, warm and rustic.


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