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DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

Collect your sauce jars, and turn them into lanterns. Simply, spray the jars with Valspar Frosting, which you can find at any hardware store. I was able to spray all three jars with a single can of Valspar. While the jars are drying, feel free to paint the lids with your choice of paint. This will help give uniformity, when placing non-matching jars next to one another.

Then, insert LED light string, which I found at Tuesday Morning. A pack of LED light string costs as low as $6.99. The lights operate off 2 AA batteries, and you can either place the battery pack inside or outside each mason jar. I'd place it outside the jar, if you're able to hide its appearance with other decor accessories. Once the lids are dry, twist them back on each jar, and you're ready to enjoy your centerpiece or decor accessory.

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