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Wine Bottle Candelabra

Since I like to collect wine bottles, I try to find accessories that will help transform them into rustic centerpieces. This particular wine bottle may look familiar, because I used it for my DIY Chalkboard spray paint post. So, why not re-use it to save money? However, if you've had a long week, just go ahead and buy another bottle of wine. I won't judge you.

For your convenience, I've included a link that will direct you to the exact candelabra I used, from Amazon. However, if this particular one isn't your style, no worries! They have several types for you to choose from. The advantage with this candelabra is that it comes pre-fabricated and includes tea-light candles. The only labor that's required is removing the candelabra from the box, drinking a bottle of wine, and placing the candelabra on top of the bottle. It's that easy!

Now, for some of my followers, they want to take this centerpiece to the next level. And I have a solution for that. Instead of using tea-light candles, why not re-use flowers you may already have on hand. Simply, cut the flower head from its stem, and place it on top of each candle-holder of the candelabra. Within seconds, your candelabra is now a floral centerpiece.

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