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Boho Tray Organizer

Since college, I've lived in several apartments of all sizes. And what I've noticed is that they all share a common issue: lack of space. This lack of space could be small closets, minimal countertops, or limited number of cabinets/shelving. And sometimes, it's all of the above. When it comes to storage, being organized is essential! However, organization can be fun! Don't limit yourself to bland, plastic containers or metal shelving. Search for unique items that can serve multiple functions: a decor piece that CAN provide organization.

One such item is the Boho Modern Tray, which is available at Michael's. Typically, I'd show you how you can transform this tray into a rustic centerpiece. Instead, with a few additional accessories, you can turn this tray into an organized wheel, while maintaining your rustic decor.

Simply find the following:

-(6) Mason Jars

-(6) Chalkboard Labels

-Jute Rope/Ribbon of your choosing

For this project, I needed space for my silverware & napkins. Instead of clearing out another drawer, or finding room on the kitchen counter, I chose one place people might overlook: the dining room table. Don't be afraid to use your table for storage. I do it all the time! Just ask anyone who's visited my place. The objective is to store your excess items on your table in a way that showcases them, since they'll be on display. When people come over to my place, they always ask if I'm preparing for a dinner party; and that's because my table consists of placemats, dinnerware, silverware, glassware, candles, etc. on display. Yes, it looks nice, but people don't realize that it's my trick for organization.

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