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Wood Sign for Under $10

Target has an amazing "Hand Made Modern" collection, which consists of wooden letters, boxes, signs, pallets, planters, etc. Feeling inspired, I decided to purchase a wooden sign ($4.99) & a wooden letter ($3.99) for two separate projects. In addition, I saved money by using Martha Stewart Crafts paint that I already had on hand. However, feel free to use any paint that you own, if that means saving some green!

The First Project: a Rustic, Wooden Centerpiece for the Dining Room

The Second Project: a Rustic, Wooden Sign for the Living Room

To make the Wooden Centerpiece:

Set aside the wooden letter. This will be used for the second project.

For the centerpiece, I used "Charcoal" to paint the wooden sign. Start by applying a single coat. Once dry, apply a second coat as needed. For a more rustic effect, feel free to sand/scrape any of the edges. If you don't have sandpaper, I found that coins, or small metal objects (with a flat surface) work wonders.

Once the two coats of paint have dried, you're ready to use the sign for any centerpiece. The sign will serve as your platform for the centerpiece. Whatever you wish to place on top of it, is up to you. For this piece, I chose mason jars that I already had on hand. And you're done. It's that easy!

The Second Project:

Once your centerpiece has served its purpose, you're ready to use the wooden sign as an actual sign. Remember that wooden letter you set aside? Now you're ready to paint it.

I chose "Pear" for the color of the letter. However, feel free to use any color that will have a nice pop from the wooden sign.

As with the sign, apply one coat of paint. Once dry, apply a second as needed. Then, attach the wooden letter to the wooden sign, with wood glue (Elmer's). And you're done. It's that easy!

Feel free to click on any of the images above for a direct link to purchase these amazing products online!

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