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My Rustic Haven

Until I can afford my dream of living in a farmhouse or barn, I must make-do with the space I have, which is an ordinary, one-bedroom apartment in #Atlanta. And let's face it: it's up to you and your design sense to make your apartment home look better than the model unit you toured, before signing that one-year lease. Although renting is temporary; the space you're residing in should say, "Welcome Home."

Don't worry if you can't afford that newly, renovated apartment. I rent a non-renovated, base-model, because I'd rather save $200 a month, which can go towards my farmhouse fund, or current home decor needs.

What does a non-renovated apartment home consist of, you ask? Well, just reference the following questions:

Do I have distressed hardwood floors?...No

Do I have shiplap-covered walls?...No

Do I have sliding, barn doors?...No

Do I have laminate countertops?...Yes

Do I have carpet in all the living areas?...Yes

Do I have all-white cabinets?... Yes

Do I have all-white appliances?... Yes

Am I ok with this?... Absolutely!

I love a design challenge; and transforming a space you only see yourself living for a year is definitely one of them. You don't want to go over-the-top, because hey, you'll be moving in 12 months; However, you don't want blank walls either.

Welcome to my 12-Month, Rustic Haven.


The Entry

Some apartments will have a formal entry; but, others will open directly into the living area. Fortunately, my apartment came with a small, entry vestibule, and I took advantage of its blank walls. The simplicity of hanging a family portrait or painting in ANY room, can easily transform a dull space into an area that's inviting and worth entering.


The Kitchen/Dining

My apartment does not have a dining room, and that's ok. It did come with an island, and usually, most apartments have some type of built-in bar countertop (near the sink) where you can dine; or drink wine, while the other one cooks ;) Since I gave away my farmable to a friend, I decided to take advantage of this kitchen island.


The Living Area

I purchased the Lauren Sofa & Oversized Chair from Haverty's. Each piece was around $600. The iron lamps came from Scott's Antique Market, which cost $125 for the set... As you know, I love lamps, and as much as I love Target, HomeGoods, World Market, or Hobby Lobby; you can't beat rustic, hand-crafted lamps. Check-out your local antique markets. It's astonishing what you'll find.

If you're a dedicated viewer, this shelf will look familiar. I built this using wooden crates found at Michael's. I simply glued the crates together using wood-glue, and applied vintage, chalk paint.

Artwork. Artwork. Artwork.

Art doesn't have to be expensive. You can find great pieces at HomeGoods or World Market (to name a few). Or, just paint them by hand. That's what I did.

The entertainment console is another rustic find from Scott's Antique Market, which cost $350.

I've had this desk for 16 years. It was purchased from Haverty's and had an oak finish. Why replace your furniture, when you can simply give it another look? With a little sanding, painting, and sealing, I transformed this out-dated desk into a farmhouse piece.

The Picture Frames came from Michael's; and the Edison Lamp came from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

I love Built-in Bookshelves!!! It's the perfect opportunity to display those miscellaneous pieces that can't seem to fit anywhere else.

If you're ever short on furniture, just check with your family to see which pieces they're willing to discard. This end-table came from my parent's house; and I refinished it with a black & blue contrast. The wine bottles came from the grocery store (obviously); and I filled them with "fairy lights" created by Light My Bottle. The phone & typewriter accessories came from Michael's.


The Kitchen

I LOVE mason jars, so you can expect to see quite a few of them on display, in my kitchen.

It's a small kitchen, but functional. If you have to display your spices, flour, brown sugar, or coffee grounds (due to lack of storage), then make sure you LOVE the containers that will surround your backsplash. I LOVE mason jars!... Enough said.

And yes, they make Mason Jar Mixers... Cocktails, anyone?

If you need 3 more reasons to check out World Market, I give you: Mason Jar Measuring Cups, Mason Jar Measuring Spoons, and a Mason Jar Utensil Holder.

Always take advantage of the walls in your kitchen. This menu came from one of my favorite restaurants in Italy.


The Bathroom

When you live in a one bedroom apartment, your bathroom can only be so large. However, the areas to improve your bathroom will never change!

You'll always need the following:

-A Shower Curtain & Liner

-Bath Towels & Hand Towels

-Bath Mat

-Toothbrush/Soap Dispenser

-Wall Art (Let the Picture Frames match or compliment your towels)

I dressed up my bathroom with Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


The Bedroom

When you're limited on storage, sometimes, your bike becomes a display piece.

The dresser & night stand came from my grandmother, and was originally cherry. I hired a local woodworker to sand, re-finish, and distress these pieces to compliment my farmhouse style.

This amazing Gas-Pipe Edison Lamp came from Hobby Lobby.

This painting came from my grandmother. It's something I always cherished growing up; and now it's on display in my own home.


I hope you enjoyed the tour of my home! While this apartment is only temporary, it's still a home, and should reflect my definition of style and comfort.


A note from Rustic Decor Guy

Most of the decor items featured on my blog are donated (with the exception of family heirlooms, of course). Design shouldn't be sacrificed, just because affordability is out of reach. I encourage ALL my followers to donate their home decor to their local GoodWill, Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army; or any other foundation of their choosing.

As always, Thank You for following!!!

The Rustic Decor Guy

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