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The Coffee Bar - $109

T h e S c e n a r i o

You move into a house with your spouse/partner/significant other, and both of you bring an appliance that you each can't part with. Let's say, that appliance is a Coffee Maker. You're the type of person that prefers a single-cup of coffee before you head off to work, whereas your partner needs a full pot prior to getting ready. Your kitchen has limited counter space, so what do you do??

T h e S o l u t i o n

Ignoring the fabulous, wood paneled walls, in your 1960's Brick Ranch, you discover a corner in the kitchen that could use some attention. Some may suggest a desk, or buffet table. However, I prefer to select furniture that offers flexibility and adaptability. If you're renting a home, you're not guaranteed space for each piece when you move.

That said, I needed an affordable solution for my coffee maker dilemma.

T h e C o f f e e B a r

I found this kitchen cart at IKEA for only $109. It's Simple, and offers a variety of storage options. Plus, it's mobile, which means: It can act as a kitchen island when you're cooking; or serve as a Bar when you're entertaining. For this scenario, I chose the second option: The Bar.

T h e A c c e s s o r i e s

I'm a lover of all things, Mason Jars. For my coffee bar, I selected (3) three mason jars to store my ground coffee beans:

1) One For Regular Coffee

2) One For Decaf Coffee

3) One For Hazelnut Coffee... just because...

How did I label each Jar, you ask?... It's simple. I went to Michael's and purchased a pack of adhesive letters. Then, I applied each letter to the lid's surface to distinguish each type of coffee.

And Just Because... I placed these Mason Jars on wooden coasters that I also had on hand... Can you believe I also purchased these coasters at Michael's... It's my One-Stop Shop!!!

And did I mention, Decorative Spoons?!?!?!... It's a must, and always a conversation piece. You can find these spoons at World Market.

As for the design of the Kitchen Cart, its (2) two drawers are PERFECT for your Keurig K-Cups, or Coffee Filters... And the (2) two shelves?? Well, those are for your coffee mugs and other related items.

Did I mention... there's room for an Edison Lamp???...

Your Coffee Bar is now Complete!

P u r c h a s e H e r e

Simply, click on one of the images below.

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