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DIY License Plate Magnets

Whenever I venture to an Arts & Craft Store, I either have a Project-In-Mind; or, I'm just there to Window-Shop (And Pray, I don't buy anything. This is a common issue with Target Shoppers)... For this trip, I was simply window shopping... Or, so I thought. FYI: Whenever I Window-Shop, I tend to skim each aisle first, before narrowing down my "wants" from my "needs." Typically, the items I'm interested in fall under the "Want" category. This is when I convince myself that my Blog could use a new project, right??

Hobby Lobby has a great "Man Cave" Home Decor Selection, which is where I found these License Plate Letters. I knew I wanted to use them, but I didn't have a Project-in-Mind yet... However, I decided to play around with the letters until I formed a word that had meaning:


I chose this word for two reasons: 1) it's one of my Favorite Cities; and 2) This is my Dog's Name... Obviously, you should choose a word that has more significance to your life.


What You Need:

1) License Plate Letters: $1.99/Each

2) Aleene's Magnetic Adhesive Dots: $3.49 for a 24-Count pack



How To Assemble

1) Remove the Protective Covering from Each Magnetic Dot, as shown in the image below.

2) I recommend placing (2) Dots on Each License Plate Letter: Top & Bottom


The Finished Product

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