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Holiday Serving Ware

Over the weekend, I discovered an amazing store, The Rustic Market, in Acworth, Georgia. I love this store so much, that I will be dedicating the next few posts solely on the items they sell. The Store is carefully organized into (3) sections: A Furniture Hall, A Boutique, and A Market. This specific post is focused on items I discovered while browsing their Market Selection. Just imagine, a room filled with Everything from Dining Ware, Kitchen Ware, & Home Decor... but with a Rustic Flare.

With the Holidays approaching (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) this is the perfect time to shop for Entertaining Ideas or Gift Ideas... Or, Both!!! I have selected a few of my favorite Hosting/Serving Ware, as well as some items already Gift-Wrapped to meet any Holiday gathering. If you don't live in the Georgia area, NO WORRIES; I have included links to their store. Simply, click on the pictures below for that specific product, or click on the link below for their Home Page.


I'm a Sucker for Puns on Mugs, Bowls, Serving Dishes... Pretty Much Anything!


This is just a small taste of what their Market has to offer. I encourage all my followers to browse their Online Shop for some #FunFinds... All of these items (AND MORE) are on my Wish-List. I hope these items are of use for your next Holiday Gathering!!

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